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Best Practices for SaaS 'Evaluation Stage' Email Marketing
Find out more about email marketing strategies for SaaS middle of the funnel customers to nudge them towards converting into a paying customer.
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Email Marketing
SEO vs PPC: Which Is Better for Your Business?
In this post we discuss in detail the difference between SEO vs PPC and what is better for your business.
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Search Engine Optimisation
The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Your First Search Engine Marketing Consultant
In this guide, we'll walk you through where and how to hire a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant.
How to use Google Analytics to improve Conversion Rate Optimisation
A detailed guide on how to use Google Analytics data to improve your Conversion Rate Optimisation.
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Conversion Rate Optimisation
4 Ways a Google Ads Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business
Find out how Google ads consultants help businesses grow, what they actually do day to day, and share an example profile of a Google Ads consultant.
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Paid Search
How To Grow Your Brand
Discover the 5 timeless principles for how brands grow. In this post we dive into the data driven facts about what actually drives a brands growth long term.
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Growth Marketing
Top Freelancing Women Share Their Tips for Success
Insights and tips from 3 of the top freelancing women on Traktion
A Guide to Digital PR
While digital PR shares some similarities with traditional offline PR but also has some key differences. Unlike offline methods, digital PR offers the opportunity to reach a much broader audience. Here’s some frequently asked questions about digital PR.
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Content Marketing
Why Your Business Needs a CRM Manager
In this post you will learn how a CRM manager can benefit your business. Find out what a CRM manager does, learn how to spot a good CRM manager, and hear from a CRM expert.
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Customer Relationship Marketing

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