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Traktion is now part of IDX

August 1, 2023
2 min

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Traktion has recently joined forces with IDX https://www.idx.inc/ (previously known as Investis Digital), a leading global technology company specializing in connecting brands with their audiences via digital communications and data intelligence.

IDX works with many of the world’s leading companies including Vodafone, Rolls-Royce, PUMA, Russell Athletic, PureGym, and many other notable brands.

This merger is designed to enhance our customers' experience; providing more solutions and greater value to their business. As a part of the agreement, our clients will now have access to an expanded set of resources, expertise, and technology.

Some key benefits clients can expect as a result are:

1. New talent. We will have an increased breadth and depth of talent for clients to access on top of our current freelancer network. This new talent pool includes engineers, CRM specialists, content experts, and site design and build professionals.

2. New markets. As part of a global technology company with offices in the US, UK, India, Sweden, and Finland, Traktion will now have a wider geographic footprint. This enables us to serve our clients globally. Whether you have local or international marketing needs, we will have the capability to support your business on a global scale.

3. New technology. IDX has deep technology expertise. We will leverage this to make our site and customer experience even better, enabling clients to find, hire, and manage talent faster. We are excited about the opportunities these new extended strengths present and are confident that it will add value to our relationship with clients.

Thank you for all your support on our journey so far !

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