Building the Future of Digital Marketing

Traktion was created by entrepreneurs passionate about talent, excellence, and performance. Our mission is to help companies grow with the right marketing talent.

To do this, Traktion is bringing transparency into the way businesses hire, source, and engage freelance digital marketing agencies and freelancers through data.

Our Philosophy

Quality over Quantity

We believe in a holistic approach to hiring freelance growth talent. Traktion's digital marketing talent are domain experts, but are also matched to businesses based on their work ethics, values, language and communication skills .This ensures that even if a marketer is working remotely, they're a great cultural fit for their company.


Driven By Data

We're leveraging the mass volume of data in the digital marketing space to help drive innovation, growth and creativity. This allows us to identify marketers' 'spikes' in marketing expertise.

Empowering the Future of Work

We believe in empowering organisations and the best-in-class talents to connect, anywhere across the globe. We believe that the future of work is agile, project-based, and data-driven, and Traktion is here to make that happen for the growth talent.


Who we are

Saher Shodhan


Saher leads Traktion's efforts to become the premier network of expert, on-demand digital marketers in the world.

Previously with the Uber Launch team, Saher saw firsthand how efficient marketing drives exponential growth.

Stefan Bardega


Stefan is responsible for the growth of our clients as well as the Traktion business, leading our sales and marketing function.

Stefan has over fifteen years of experience in digital marketing. Prior to Traktion, Stefan led the #1 growth marketing agency in the UK, iProspect.

Luis Muñoz Villarreal


Luis leads Traktion's technology development, building the talent engine redefining how businesses and marketers collaborate.

A thorough software engineer, scrum master and experienced project manager, Luis has over twelve years of experience as a computer scientist.

Victoria Taylor


Victoria handles Operations at Traktion, ensuring all our users are cared for, and gets the best  service possible.

Prior to Traktion, Victoria was an account manager within the software industry, with extensive experience building relationships with clients.

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Traktion makes hiring for growth simpler, agile, and more profitable for businesses.
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