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Why marketers use Traktion

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Access to great clients around the world
Receive pre-qualified, high quality leads from top brands directly in your inbox
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Projects matched to your expertise and experience
Only get matched to highly curated briefs that match your experience, expertise and preferences
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Get paid on time, everytime
Traktion manages all payments, invoices and contracts so you can focus on doing great work


Commonly asked questions about working with Traktion and our
network of verified marketers.

What digital marketing expertise does Traktion look for?

We have marketers with the following expertise: Paid Social, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, App Store Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Customer Relationship Management, Amazon Ads, Growth Strategy, Affiliate Marketing and Programmatic Ads.

We also look for marketers who don’t fit nicely into a box which may include: CMOs (including part-time CMOs or Fractional CMOs), Growth marketers, Graphic designers, Project Managers, Account Managers, Campaign Managers, Brand Managers, Creative Directors.

What is the verification process to become a Traktion Marketer?

Our vetting process evaluate each digital marketing freelancer based on their expertise, experience, and references.

The process begins with the Marketer Evaluation form, followed by a video interview and then a references check.

Successful marketers are provided Provisional Approval and gain probationary access to the platform.

What type of clients / projects could I get?

Once you are accepted to join Traktion, you will receive matches to pre-vetted, high-quality companies based on your preferences and verified expertise. Traktion only matches each company to a maximum of 3 freelance marketers for which they are the best fit for, thus drastically reduces the amount of time marketers may waste speaking to bad quality and bad-fit leads.

Our clients include SMEs, startups and scale-ups, as well as some larger brands. We’ve worked with Clim8 Invest, Pact Coffee, Monzo as well as Universal Music.

How does Traktion vet briefs / projects / potential clients?

Firstly a client submits a brief on our website, and when they do we always speak with them.
We speak with them to:

  • Get a better understanding of their requirements, including what their ultimate goal is. Sometimes clients say they want to achieve something by doing something that doesn’t quite make sense so we advise them and steer them in the right direction here to ensure the project is a success.

  • Get an understanding of what skills and expertise they have currently - both in-house and any external providers they are already working with - so that the marketer we match them with can slot in nicely with their existing setup.

  • Get an idea of the way they like to work - some clients want someone who feels like a member of their team, whereas others want someone who will do the work autonomously and then come back with a presentation at the end.

  • Get clarity on timings, deliverables and budgets - the ultimate fee agreed os determined by you and the client together after meeting but we include a budget range in every briefing.

We then update the brief following this call to add more information in, and match marketers to the project.

Can I browse available projects?

Once you are accepted to join Traktion you will receive matches to pre-vetted, high-quality companies based on your preferences and verified expertise. In order to provide a good service to both companies and marketers we only match marketers who are a good fit for individual briefs.

Many clients do not want their projects to be seen by potentially hundreds of people and come to Traktion for help in saving time and hassle.

We provide them with only a few marketers who are the right fit for their project, and who are available and interested.This approach also saves you time and hassle because you know you are only being matched to projects where you have a good chance of winning, and that you are a good fit for.

What does it cost to work on the Traktion platform?

Traktion takes a commission of the total project value for projects that go ahead. This means it doesn't cost you anything to be on our platform, to get matched to projects, to mark interest in them or to have conversations with the clients - it is only for projects that go ahead.

Our fee is flat and transparent, and it enables us to provide the following services:

  • Platform build and management: You can use our platform to match with companies, book meetings, receive secure payments, and more.

  • Marketing: We generate projects that ultimately convert to revenue for our freelancers.

  • Briefing and scoping: We handle client communication pre- and post-project.

  • Talent management: We cover the cost of recruiting, evaluating, and managing talent.