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Traktion makes it easier, simpler, and more profitable to hire the right marketers.

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Our Smart Brief captures your marketing needs perfectly, so Traktion can match you to marketers who are the perfect fit for your business.

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Within 24 hours, receive 3 profiles of verified digital marketers. Matched to your precise needs.


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Track your marketing performance through Traktion's Analytics Dashboard. View your performance and communicate with your marketer, all in one place.

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Digital Marketer Review for Elenas, Marketplace Startup
Kate B.
Co-founder, Banjo Robinson

“Traktion found us a fantastic performance marketer when we needed to make a fast switch from our old agency and get the next hire right. Got set up with 3 good candidates ASAP. Very happy with winning candidate, who came through Traktion.”

Digital Marketer Review for Elenas, Marketplace Startup
Jon L.
Founder & CEO, Kairos Bugs

"We urgently needed to find an experienced marketer in the U.K. for our launch. Traktion matched us to a great digital marketer, and he was onboarded onto the team within a week."

Using Traktion improves ROI
Using Traktion improves marketing ROI by an average of 30%... in just 2 months!
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How Traktion can help

Agile, project-based hiring

Hire the best marketing talent for your projects within 48 hours. No more waiting for lengthy HR processes. Traktion automatically matches you to 3 profiles based on your exact needs, shortlisted from thousands of prospects.

One-time analytics setup

Our network of marketing specialists have experience with the latest analytics and CRM platforms, including Tableau, Google Analytics, Sisense, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. Hire a specialist to ensure your team is equipped with the proper marketing tech-stack.

Optimise existing marketing campaigns

Traktion's verified growth specialists are able to swiftly plug into your existing marketing campaigns to improve your bottomline. Be it troubleshooting multi-point attribution or optimising ROAS, Traktion will match you to a specialist for your exact needs.

How Traktion can help you
Our Mission

Helping businesses grow with the right marketing talent

Growth is one of the most important functions in a business, but also one of the most difficult to hire for. Traktion is started by two ex-founders who understand how difficult it is to find the right talent to grow your company. Our mission is to build a platform that makes hiring for growth agile, simpler, and more profitable.

Our Approach

A Data-Driven approach to growth

Traktion is laser-focused on growth marketing activities, from paid social and paid search, to SEO and account-based marketing. Companies can hire specialists through Traktion for all their agile marketing needs.

Our Talent

Verified marketers from the best startups

Traktion is home to some of the world's best growth talent. We conduct in-depth skills assessments, reference checks and machine verification to generate rich profiles of our marketers.

Our Approach

Bringing transparency to the hiring process

We believe in hiring growth talent based on data and results. Traktion leverages data from digital marketing campaigns to verify our digital marketing talent, allowing us to recommend hires based on expected ROI.

Our Platform

Tech-enabled platform to hire and manage growth

Traktion is built for the future of work in the growth industry, with flexible contracts, escrow facilities, and integrated SaaS tools to help you hire and collaborate with your marketers in better ways.

Why Traktion?

Our digital marketing talent are best-in-class, and are matched to your precise needs based on predicted ROI. Our pre-vetted talent can lead your marketing efforts or be onboarded quickly to cover gaps in your marketing needs.

We focus on growth

We are different from other hiring platforms, with our focus on growth marketing specialists. This allows Traktion to benchmark our talent against each other, and to identify the best talent for you.


Traktion is completely free for companies to discover growth marketing talent. There are no sign-up fees to get started.

Flexible, agile-based hiring

Traktion helps you find growth specialists for your unique business needs and project needs. Hire within 48 hours with flexible hiring.

We are growth experts

Our unique vetting methodology combines human interviews with machine verification to identify the best-in-class growth specialists for every industry.

Full free transparency

Our talent provides the full fee structure with every engagement, and there are no hidden fees. All payments are made securely through Traktion.

Powering the future of work

The Traktion platform is integrated with SaaS tools, such as our dashboard and workflow tools to help you and your marketing talent collaborate efficiently, no matter where you are.

Traktion's verified digital marketing talent have experience from

Traktion makes hiring for growth simpler, agile, and more profitable for businesses.
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