Getting Into The Top 1% Of All Kickstarter Campaigns
Published on
April 6, 2022
2 minute read

The Challenge

Photogram developed an idea called Alice, an AI camera aimed at content creators, and wanted to release it to the world. To do this they developed a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal to have 30%-50% of orders secured before the launch, and then successfully hit a fully funded target of £20k.

Photogram asked Traktion to help them by finding an expert Facebook Ads freelancer (at very short notice) to support their existing team, one that could help them get to their confirmed orders and revenue goal.

The Talent

Meet Joe - he’s awesome at Crowdfunding campaigns

We knew that, in order to succeed, this project would require someone with specific knowledge of crowdfunding using Facebook Ads - not just standard Facebook Ads experience. These campaigns are tight, fast turnaround and require extraordinary agility to optimise in campaign and drive performance faster than the FB algorithm is used to.

That's why we matched this brief to Joe

Joe is not only a verified FB ads expert but he previously ran the Facebook ads for one of Kickstarter’s top 20 campaigns ever.

The odds were stacked against Alice Camera with a whopping 63% of all Kickstarter campaigns failing to reach their target.

But Joe delivered the results, and then some.

The Results

  • Alice Camera Kickstarter campaign secured over £144k from more than 260 backers.
  • Original target of £20k was smashed by 720%.
  • The campaign success puts it in the top 1% of all Kickstarter campaigns.

Secured from over 260 backers
Uplift Vs Target
Top 1% of Kickstarter campaigns

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