Lead Generation For The UK’s Number 1 Podcasting Company
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November 23, 2022
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The Challenge

Message Heard is an award winning podcast company that helps brands and businesses connect with their audience in a meaningful way. They work with top brands like Spotify, Buffer,  and NatWest to produce chart-topping podcasts.

While Message Heard has been great at getting other brands in the minds of potential customers, they wanted some support doing it for themselves. They briefed Traktion to figure out the most effective way to generate consistent and cost effective quality leads which they could then convert to new customers. And then to provide the talent to help themm do it.

Message Heard were quite clear on their ideal business customer profile so our growth strategist recommended LinkedIn as a key channel because its business profiling is

The Talent

Brett  - B2B Lead Generation Exxpert
Traktion Lead Gen Expert Freelancer Brett

Meet Brett -  he’s a B2B lead generation black belt with a specialism in LinkedIn.

Traktion matched Brett to this brief because of his depth and breadth of experience with LinkedIn. He's been helping clients with Linkedin for over 10 years, educating them on the strategies and tactics that can be used to drive leads as well as managing their lead generation programmes for them. He does paid ads on LinkedIn as well as organic social media management and outbound sales. In this instance Message Heard worked with Brett on their outbound sales programme using LinkedIn.

The Results

Brett used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify the best target customers based on business profile, job role, location and size of company. He then layered on a sequenced messaging approach to connect, communicate and activate the prospect into a lead which is then handed over to Message Heard Sales team to convert.

The results were a steady stream of new business leads for Message Heard which helped propel them forward in 2022 and 2X their business in 1 year. Brett's lead generation programme generated Message Heard 2582 new LinkedIn connections, an 8.2% response rate and over 200 new business leads.

"Brett got us set up quickly generating leads within week 1. His knowledge of LinkedIn is deep and his customer service is spot on"

        Jake Warren CEO Message Heard

New Linkedin Connections
Response Rate
New Leads

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