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March 27, 2023
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The Challenge

Exclaimer is the industry's leading provider of email signature solutions, empowering businesses to unlock the potential of email as a key digital advertising channel. With its award-winning tools, organizations can simplify the management of email signatures to deliver consistent branding, promote marketing campaigns and company news, gather real-time customer feedback, and much more.

Over 50,000 organizations in 150+ countries rely on Exclaimer for their email signature solutions. Its diverse customer base includes Sony, Mattel, Bank of America, NBC, the Government of Canada, the BBC, and the Academy Awards.

In 2022, Exclaimer brought in a new CMO to energise its marketing and drive the company towards its next phase of growth. Carol Howley was appointed in July 2022 and worked with Traktion to review the marketing talent required to deliver Exclaimer’s ambitious growth plans.

Briefs & Talent

Three key foundation areas were identified as critical to the success of the new look marketing team. Getting these right would provide the basis for future marketing success. These three key areas were operations, copy content, and CRM. Traktion worked on three briefs for these critical areas, refining the scope and using its matching engine to identify the best fit talent across the hundreds of verified experts on its platform.

1. Marketing Ops

The Marketing Operations role is responsible for developing the necessary infrastructure to support global marketing programs. The indivdual is initially tasked with evaluating and optimizing existing tools, and then identifying new marketing technology requirements. They set up training and support for new tools, manage marketing automation platforms, optimize lead scoring and management processes, as well as ensure all marketing business processes are documented and adhered to. Finally they are responsible for measuring the impact of marketing activities through dashboards and KPI reporting.

Will matched perfectly with this role due to his considerable experience designing and implementing systems that transform marketing in B2B organizations. He has a rare combination of knowledge and experience across process design, martech, data, and analytics. This, combined with his experience at businesses such as Symantec and Sage, made him the ideal fit for this role.

2. Content

The role of a copy expert is to lead the creation, editing, and management of written content for an organization. This role typically involves a combination of content strategy, copywriting, editing, and project management. The main goal of a content and copy expert is to ensure that all written materials align with the organization's brand, tone, and messaging, while effectively engaging target audiences and meeting specific marketing or communication objectives.

Charlie is an experienced B2B SaaS copywriter. He was a perfect match for Exclaimer as he had experience across a range of B2B verticals including LegalTech, Finance/FinTech, Accountancy, Marketing/MarTech, Data Science, and Life Sciences.

He’s as comfortable developing a conversion-focused email campaign as compiling an in-depth research report. He can build messaging frameworks, design publishing calendars, as well as publish quality educational content that speaks to an audience's wants and needs.

3. CRM

The CRM expert advises on systems and strategies, building high-quality automated sequences that are interconnected and leverage first party data to maximum effect. The role requires demonstrable success in running complex email marketing campaigns to hit KPIs, as well as hands-on experience with Salesforce Pardot.

Gareth is a multi-discipline marketer with experience using Salesforce Pardot in large multinational enterprises such as Class Education. This made him a perfect match for this challenging role.

His experience meant he was able to deliver cross functional CRM support as well as design compelling engagement programs in Pardot. This closed loop approach had a multiplier effect inside Exclaimer by not just improving CRM function, but its integrations as well.

The Results

“Traktion is a new CMO’s secret weapon. With their talent model, they are able to bring top marketing expertise into an organisation fast. This means if you are a new CMO, you can have a bigger impact faster”

Carol Howley - CMO Exclaimer

Marketing Ops Expert
1 Copy & Content Expert
CRM Expert

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