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Which Marketing Skills Are In Demand In 2022?

August 24, 2022
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What skills are in demand for 2022 and why ?

At Traktion we track demand for different marketing skills using search data from Google. We analyse thousands of keyword searches covering different skills, disciplines and platforms to see where the demand is for marketing expertise.

Below is a snapshot of the latest data analysing search demand for different marketing skills comparing H1 2022 vs H2 2021.

Let's look at who the winners are in the first half of 2022.

  1. Tik Tok  + 250%

Tik Tok is the hands down winner of 2022 so far in terms of demand for marketing talent. No real surprise here as the platform has exploded in terms of user growth. And where there's growth in eyeballs, demand for experts usually follows as businesses try to figure out how to use the platform to drive growth for their business.

Demand for Tik Tok experts is up 250% in 2022

  1. Influencer Marketing - +109%

Influencer marketing has grown rapidly over the last year because a) there are more influencers and b) they represent a new scaled channel to market. Direct promotion of brands through an influencer can drive immediate brand credibility and endorsement. While it is a rapidly increasing channel for brands it comes with additional complexity to manage hence the increase in demand for specialists to manage the process.

Demand for Influencer Marketing Is Up 109% in 2022

  1. CRM + 57%

First party data is becoming more and more important for both B2C and B2B businesses. Customer Relationship Management systems enable businesses to extract more value from existing customers and prospects. This is increasingly important in the current climate where acquiring new customers is becoming increasingly expensive.

Demand for CRM experts is up 57% in 2022

  1. Analytics + 56%

Marketing analytics experts focus on capturing, organising and reporting on marketing activities. Businesses that spend on marketing usually invest c5-10% of spend in analytics to make sure they know what's working and what isn't so they can optimise investment accordingly. This has become more challenging with increasing number of channels, Google 's product evolution, and various privacy changes, all of which have driven driving up demand for data and analytics experts.

Demand for Analytics experts is up 56% in 2022

  1. Google Ads + 55%

Google has dominated paid search for years and this shows no sign of changing. In fact - search advertising's proximity to the digital point of purchase (bottom of the marketing funnel) mean it is likely to benefit from an economic downturn as businesses reallocate paid media budgets to more short term revenue generating channels.

Demand for Google Ads experts is up 55% in 2022

  1. Klaviyo + 39%

Klaviyo is the fastest growing email marketing platforms out there. It enables businesses to create email flows based on segments and triggers. It has a seamless and simple integration with Shopify which means that many Shopify eCommerce brands have switched on to Klaviyo email to maximise the value of their existing transactional customers.

Demand for Klaviyo experts is up 37% in 2022

  1. SEO + 26%

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a two part skillset. Firstly it involves optimising your site for natural / organic discovery on search engines. This technical on-site skill involves making sure the site is set up properly with the right info for search engines to read and rank your site. The second part of SEO is off-site. Building links with other sites to drive up the authority of your own site and improve rankings for specific keywords. SEO is loved by businesses because the end result is traffic that has no direct acquisition cost - i.e 'free'

Demand for SEO experts is up 26% in 2022

  1. Content Marketing + 26%

Content marketing is a broad catch all term for the production and distribution of non advertising content in all its forms on all channels. It has become increasingly important as social channels have grown. It provides businesses with a way to drive frequent engagement and understanding of their brand, product or service. Content marketers have been in increasing demand both for B2B and B2C as advertisers recognise the importance of non advertising acquisition strategies.

Demand for Content Marketing experts is up 26% in 2022

  1. Programmatic /Display + 11%

Some paid social channels have suffered the last 12 months due to Apple's new tracking rules. The reduction in effectiveness of certain paid social channels has created an increase in demand for programmatic advertising which provides access to eyeballs outside of the paid social walled gardens.

Demand for programmatic experts is up 11% in 2022

    10. Affiliates + 1%

Affiliates reward publishers for results taking a commission on sale usually. This kind of outcome based commercial model is very attractive to certain businesses particularly during uncertain economic times. Though tracking and attribution of sales has become harder in recent years for a number of reasons, the demand for affiliate expertise rises as economic growth slows or declines.

Demand for Affiliate experts is up 1% in 2022

What does this mean for talent and businesses?

The demand for digital marketing skills overall is growing in line with investment. But within that headline growth there is a lot of fluctuation and change. Some skills experience seasonal demand spikes; going up in Q4 and down in Q1. Other skills are seeing long term growth or indeed decline in direct correlation to their effectiveness at driving marketing led outcomes.

Whether you are a business or talent pay close attention to the changing fortunes of platforms, channels and disciplines because your growth (either personal or professional) may depend on it.

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