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Case Study: Elenas

October 9, 2019
2 Min Read


It is a challenging transition period for startups to move from early-stage phase to scaling, and for Elenas, in terms of marketing, there are no exceptions. Elenas, a sales channel that allows women in Latin America to earn extra income in a risk-free way, is combatting the challenge head-on by trying to automate the marketing process. 

For Elenas, marketing automation means having a more efficient workflow. Yet, they realised a key difficulty: how to transition from basic Facebook ads done in-house to marketing automation?  

Their Challenges:

-Moving from Facebook ads to growth hack marketing

-Finding the right marketers

-Unsure about how to experiment with different creatives and channels

Why Traktion?

Elenas turned to Traktion for a marketer that fits their needs, and Traktion utilised data instead of guesswork to find the perfect match for Elenas, and in this case, Christian. 

“Because of Traktion, we are able to grow quickly at cost that is a fraction of what they once were,” says Zach, Founder and CEO at Elenas. With Traktion, Elenas’ team not only increase their signup rate tremendously but also have their overhead reduced. 

Elenas’ Performance After Traktion:

-14,000 new signups in a month



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