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4 Ways a Google Ads Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

December 2, 2022
Paid Search
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About Google

Google has grown its money printing ad business over the last decade to a market leading position, taking almost 30% of all digital advertising revenue globally and making c $150bn per year. Most of its customers are small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) who spend on Google Ads to drive sales for their businesses. Many of these businesses use Google Ads consultants or Paid Search Experts to set up and run their Google Ads campaigns for them.

In this post we look at how those Google ads consultants help businesses grow, what they actually do day to day, and share an example profile of a Google Ads consultant.

What is Google Ads

Google Ads is the name for Google’s suite of advertising products that run across its portfolio of sites and networks including the two biggest search engines in the world: Google and Youtube.

What Google Ads do very well is connect advertisers with people who are searching for their product or service. It provides a sponsored message delivered to the right audience at the point of need i.e when they are searching. Because they are very well targeted to people with high intent they tend to deliver very cost efficient form of direct response advertising.

How can a Google ads consultant grow your business

Find new customers

Google Ads help businesses find new customers by placing their brand at the consumer point of need i.e when they are searching. Advertisers can place their message in the form of text ads at the top of the search engine results page when someone types in a search on a keyword that is relevant to that brand. An eCommerce site that sells golf clubs can advertise their site with Google Ads when someone types in ‘where can I buy golf clubs’. The ad is only shown to people typing in that specific query so it is a very efficient way of reaching new prospects that are ready to buy.

Reduce cost per acquisition

Most businesses are looking to reduce their advertising cost per sale; to reduce the cost of generating a sale. The lower the cost per sale the higher the profit usually. The cost per sale is the sum of the advertising spend divided by the number of sales. It is very common for Google to perform best in terms of cost per sale because the cost of the ad is performance based (you only pay when someone clicks) and it is very targeted (to people searching)

Test new markets

Google operates globally (in almost every market) and so Google Ads are available globally too. Businesses can therefore run Google Ads campaigns in most markets and this provides a very good opportunity to test a business’ product or service in a new territory. Brands often run ads in new markets as a cost efficient, limited risk, way of finding out the appetite for their product in a new market. eCommerce brands often therefore establish a working model in one country then expand out to other markets using Google Ads.

Test new propositions

As well as testing new markets, Google ads also represents a very good way of testing new propositions. The ads can be tailored with infinite variations of copy targeted to specific keywords - so established brands, as well as start ups often test the appetite for a new propositions, features or services using Google Ads, becuase it is targeted, flexible, low cost and performance based.

What does a Google Ads Consultant Actually Do ?

Typically a Google Ads consultant will do the following things as part of the service:

  • Planning: first they will identify the keywords that are most appropriate to advertise against for your brand product or service. They will work out what the budget should be based on the target business objectives and the average projected cost per click.
  • Set up: if new to Google ads the consultant will get you set up with an account. They will then structure the ad account; to organise it so you can manage budget and cost per click bids most efficiently. They will help you write the copy and set up tests to see what works and what doesn’t. They will also make sure your tracking is set up on the site so that you can see the performance of the Google Ads all the way through to sale and cost per acquisition as well as run the tests.
  • Reporting: they will set you up with a regular report that captures all of the performance data and presents it in a meaningful way for your business.
  • Optimisation: a Google Ads consultant will usually optimise your account at regular frequency to ensure you are continuously improving the performance of the ad investment. They will analyse performance at a keyword level to understand what keywords and copy are working as well as ones that aren’t. They will try to improve the ones that aren’t working or switch them off. The ones that are working will be given more budget and opportunity to grow volume.


Planning an effective Google Adwords campaigns without an expert help can be difficult. Be sure to an Adwords PPC consultant that has an in-depth industry knowledge and a portfolio to show it. They will help you analyse your existing campaigns, identify areas that can be improved, and launch new campaigns for relevant and targeted keywords that generate desired results.

Hire a verified Traktion Google Ads consultant to grow your business.

If you would like to speak with one of our Google Ads Consultants like Sebastien, you can submit a short brief in under two minutes on Traktion here.

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