What We Do

Traktion is a tech-enabled platform for you to discover, hire, and manage growth talent.

Our rigorous due diligence process identifies the top digital marketing freelancers and agencies. We then match you to verified digital marketing talent across 100+ factors, so you get the most relevant expertise for your precise needs.

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Focused on Growth Talent

Traktion helps startups and organisation at any stage of their business to scale with the relevant digital marketing talent.

Top Digital Marketing Talent

We identify top digital marketing talent with experience from the world's leading companies.

Verified Network of Experts

We conduct extensive background checks to ensure that our digital marketers are pre-vetted with relevant 'spikes' in expertise.

Quality Assurance

Our end-to-end platform helps maximise ROI on your campaign by matching you to the top growth experts of your industry for your unique objectives.

How It Works

Smart Brief, in Minutes
Data-Driven Matching
Agile, Project-Based Hiring
Traktion collects initial details of your project requirements, and maps out your needs for your industry, campaign goals, demographics, and 20+ factors.
Our proprietary algorithms matches your needs with our pre-vetted digital marketing freelancers. Receive 3 talent profiles most likely to deliver the best ROI for your campaign.
Our end-to-end platform helps to streamline communications through our dashboard, and provide secure payments and contracts. Hire quickly based on agile needs.

Hire Verified Digital Marketers

Traktion helps businesses, startups and innovators find great freelance digital marketing freelancers and agencies. It's free, and only takes 7 minutes.

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