Traktion's Top 100 UK Startups

Q2 2021

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A fresh perspective on the UK startup ecosystem.

Traktion analyses key digital metrics of 100 recently funded UK startups.

The report looks at funding, talent, search volumes, site authority, social presence and Traktion's new measure of startup acceleration, digital velocity.

The entire data set (with 2,382 data points) is available free to download at the end of the report.


The Top 100 Startups received £665m in investment in Q2 2021.

Fin-Tech is the top vertical, with over £218m invested in Q2 2021.

— The average top 100 start up receives 10,137 organic search visits per month.

Domain authority on average is 27 out of a maximum score of 100.

— Average number of followers across Facebook and Twitter is 60,324.

— The top 100 startups employ an average of 51 employees.

In this report, Traktion has introduced a new metric — digital velocity.

This is a measure of how fast a start up is growing its organic search traffic. It is calculated by taking the current monthly organic search traffic, and dividing it by the number of days the company has been live. This velocity score is a good indicator of the startup's digital momentum.
Digital Velocity

Spotlight on Top Digital Velocity Startups

Emma - a money management app that uses open banking to combine information from all of your bank accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and investments.

VenueScanner - a venue search and booking platform that helps venue hosts generate more bookings by helping undiscovered and independent venues.

Century - a teaching and learning platform for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. Using artificial intelligence and neuroscience, it creates constantly adapting pathways for students and assessment data for teachers.

Fnatic - a professional esports organization with players from around the world across a variety of games

"The UK start up ecosystem clearly now has the financing, talent, and platforms to compete globally"
— Stefan Bardega
Chief Growth Officer,

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Traktion's Top 100 UK Startups

The dataset is available here.