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Weather Factory

Driving Game Downloads For Cultist Simulator

Published on

April 6, 2022

2 min read

The Challenge

Cultist Simulator is a BAFTA nominated PC game developed by indie studio Weather Factory.

Traktion was tasked with finding a marketer who could help them understand the target audience better, raise awareness of the game to that audience, and build a sequence of experiments to generate downloads more efficiently than they were doing at the time.

The game market is not an easy market to crack, it is hyper competitive with millions of games to choose from. Improving performance in this market would not be easy.

The Talent

Meet Daniel he’s one the top game marketers globally, working with  start ups and scale ups. He’s also part of Googles start up advisory network

Daniel has deep data experience and is also well versed in growth marketing experimentation techniques for apps.

Daniel got to work performing data driven experiments to understand quickly what messages and propositions resonated with which audience. The experimentation included a large variety of creative, copy and audience iterations across an equally wide variety of channels.

This data driven approach to game marketing quickly uncovered the best audiences and enabled Daniel to unlock their next stage of growth for them.

The Results

Our marketer improved response rates by +7%

Simultaneously reducing cost per response by 40%

Cultist Simulator has now had well over 800,000 downloads of its PC game alone, as well as 2 BAFTA nominations.


Increase in response rates


Reduce in cost per response




BAFTA Nominations

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