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The Mamahood

Helping The Mamahood Grow Revenues 128% in 1 year

Published on

April 3, 2022

2 min read

The Challenge

The Mamahood is a platform that showcases the best independent mum run businesses. It has over 200 member brands, 40,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 website visitors p.a. The Mamahood was already experiencing rapid growth, but wanted to find new ways to accelerate the growth of its website sales.

The Approach

Traktion helped The Mamahood devise a growth plan focusing on 3 areas.

1. Improve performance of existing channels

We identified a large amount of headroom for growth in existing channels. Facebook paid ads performance for example had stagnated due to poor account structure, lack of audience testing, and limited creative availability. This needed a fresh pair of eyes. Organic search traffic was not growing as fast as it should have been because there were technical SEO issues with the site that made it difficult for search engines to crawl and index the content properly.

2. Identify new growth channels

The Mamahood was only using Facebook and Instagram as paid media channels to drive sales. We identified Pinterest as channel that fit with the The Mamahood brand and products. Pinterest is also a channel with low CPMs currently so it made sense financially and strategically to test this channel.

3. Provide Expert Marketers To deliver the Growth Plan

To help unlock the growth we provided a freelancer verified in each of the required areas: search engine optimisation, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads. Each freelancer worked to implement the growth plan and unlock the headroom opportunity.

The Results

In the last year Traktion has helped The Mamahood step change its growth:

  1. Website traffic + 96% y-on-y
  2. Online Sales revenue: +128% y-on-y
  3. New Members: +89% y-on-y


Increase in website traffic y-on-y


Increase in online sales revenue y-on-y


Increase in new members y-on-y

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