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Why join Traktion?

Get access to great clients.
Manage contracts, invoices and campaigns.
Join a global community of expert digital marketers.
Get access to great clients.

Traktion matches you to pre-vetted companies based on your preferences and verified expertise. You then get to choose which clients you'd like to work with.

Manage contracts, invoices and campaigns.

No more late payments or messy workflows. Traktion's end-to-end platform allows you to communicate, submit your quotes, accept payments, and view client analytics all in one place.

Join a premier community of freelance marketers.

Traktion is on a mission to empower marketers beyond just work. Being part of the Traktion network gives you access to fellow expert marketers, industry-leading resources, and the right community to help you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What digital marketing expertise does Traktion look out for?

We're on a lookout for marketers with the following expertise: Paid Social, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, App Store Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Customer Relationship Management, Amazon Ads, Growth Strategy, Affiliate Marketing and Programmatic Ads.

What kind of companies can I work for through Traktion?

Once you are accepted to join Traktion, you will receive matches to pre-vetted, high-quality companies based on your preferences and verified expertise. Traktion only matches each company to a maximum of 3 freelance marketers for which they are the best fit for, thus drastically reduces the time taken for marketers to find their best-fit clients. Our clients include SMEs, startups and scale-ups, with a focus on hiring for agile projects.

How do you evaluate digital marketers?

Our vetting process evaluate each digital marketing freelancer based on their expertise, experience, and references. The process begins with a Marketer Verification Assessment, followed by a video interview and a references check.

Successful marketers are provided Provisional Approval and gain probationary access to the platform. After completing 3 projects on Traktion with highly satisfactory reviews and performance, marketers are then provided full verified status.

How much does Traktion cost?

Traktion charges each freelance digital marketer on our platform a percentage commission on successful contracts completed with your clients through the Traktion platform. For more information, please read our Payments page here.

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